Teer Common Numbers

In this page you can check Shillong Teer Common Number regularly. Common numbers of Shillong Teer also termed as Teer Hit Number or Target Number. Teer Common numbers are calculated with a combination of teer old results and some mathematical formulas. One can also perform some arithmetic calculation on previous result of Teer Game to find accurate target or hit numbers. Formulas for teer making numbers will be discussed in details below. Before that let us inform you that our team also provide daily teer common numbers in tabular fashion. You are advised to check those hitt numbers before playing this game.

Shillong Teer Common Number Today – Check Hit & Target No.

Following table shows today Shillong teer hit and target number. It consists of House and Ending numbers for both rounds of Meghalaya teer and also displays Direct Numbers.

Today Shillong Teer Target & Common Number

Shillong Teer Hit/Common Number Today
Today's Date : 19-October-2019
House Ending Direct Numbers
4, 7, 09, 6, 297, 90, 49, 42, 27, 67, 79, 21, 02, 70, 64, 96, 94, 72, 09, 12, 24, 60, 07, 69, 46, 20, 76, 06

Common Number Formula of Teer

Teer common number formula is very simple. However, officials of teer association always update the formula with some tweaks to make it difficult to predict teer making numbers. We will mention a formula for generating Shillong Teer Target Number. But let me remind you this may not be the correct formula for teer hit number calculation.

So, Let us consider an example .

Assume that , the previous day First Round result is = AB
& the Previous day Second Round result = CD

i) Formula to generate a common number = A+D and C-B In this way you will get a hit number .

ii) Teer Formula to calculate another common number = D-A and D-B/A or D+B/A . Thus you will get another hit number.

Teer Making Numbers – Historical Club Results :

Sometimes, the target number is predicated using the historical results of various Teer Shillong clubs. Many times different club repeat the target numbers or combine the previous results on a specific day to form new target numbers. Hence you must understand few patterns by observing old results.

Finding Teer Target Number using Date, Month, Year :

You may heard many times that common numbers in Teer game can be calculated using dates,month, year. Those who are in doubt let me tell you that yes it is possible. Sometimes teer common number are determined using date or month or year .

For example, if we need to calculate teer target number for a particular day say : 12-July-2019

Then we can derive some numbers from the dates using various possible ways mentioned below.

1/  For example if the date is given as 12-July-2019 then the first round teer result can be 12 or the reverse of 12 which is 21.

2/ We can also define teer making numbers for a particular day by just multiplying date with the month code. For example : for 12th July we can get a teer hit number by using following formula :
=12 x 7   [where 7 or 07 is the month code for July]

3/ Someday , Shillong teer hit number calculation are based on current year.  Suppose we need to find teer making numbers for a particular day : 12-July-2019
For year 2019 , there is a possibility of adding all the digits and get a common number
Now Adding 12 with date 12 we can get 24 which can be a teer common number.

4/ There is another possible way of defining teer target numbers by using week days code formula.
Before knowing the formula following are the codes that can be generated by using Name of the days in the week

i) Sunday —–>  no code [as teer game is not played on Sunday’s]
ii) Monday ——> M+O+N ——-> 15 + 13 +14 = 42
iii) Tuesday ——> T+U+E ——–> 20 + 21 + 5  =  46
iv) Wednesday —-> W+E+D ——> 23 + 5 + 4 =  32
v) Thursday —-> T+H+U —–> 20 + 8 + 21 = 49
vi) Friday ——> F+R+I ——> 6 + 18 + 9 = 33
vii) Saturday ——> S+A+T ——->  19 + 1 +20 = 40

You must be wondering how those numbers came. Actually we all know the short form of weekdays. This short form of all the weekdays are generally represented as first 3 letters. [ eg : Monday as MON and so on] .

Now what we did is suppose for a particular day lets assume 12-03-2019 we need to calculate teer common numbers.

So we need to find what day it is. By observing calender we know that its Tuesday. 

So according to this teer formula you have to take the first 3 letter of the day .ie. TUE.

Now after following the position of each letter in the alphabet we derived a code by adding their position values and hence we get a value for TUE as 46.

Now adding the 46 with date which is 12 we get 46+12 = 58, which can be a target teer number or hit number for that day. 

Here one thing you must note that the reverse of the number 58 can also be a possibility.

It is important to know that the above mentioned formulas are defined based on historical teer results. So you must analyze daily teer results as well as previous teer results in order to become a master in predicting teer target numbers.

Finding Shillong Teer Hit Number Using Yesterday teer results : 

Another effective formula for calculating target number as well as house and ending number is by using last day results and todays date.

For example let us find teer common number for a day 21-03-2019.

Let’s suppose the previous days result is 40 and 33.

Now to calculate the result for 21-03-2019 just put all the numbers in following order :


Now at each step you need to add two consecutive digits from right to left hand side and put the sum.

Fot eg : in the above number in the right hand side we have 19.

So add 1 and 9 which will be 10 and in place of 1 and 9 we will put 0 and 1 carry is forwarded for the next 2 digit addition. 

Next we add 0 and 1 and the previous carry is 1 so we add 0 , 1 and 1 and the sum will be noted. 

Now repeat those steps until we get a two digit number.For our above example the steps will be as follows :


So after completing all the steps we get a two digit umber 89. According to teer experts, there is 70-80% chance that the result will be 89 or 98.

Now we can also predict the house number as 80 , 90.

Ending number may fall between 9 and 8. Thus we can calculate common number using previous day teer results.

Finding Teer Common numbers using Numerology 

It can be debatable topic, but we can not deny the fact that teer common numbers may be predicted using numerology. This is almost similar to teer dream number calculation. 

Before we go further exploring how numerology can be beneficial for teer number let us define the term “Numerology” first. In simple words , Numerology is a study of numbers in your life. With the help of numerology we can uncover hidden information of a person and or anything in the world. 

The fundamental concept of Numerology is that the whole universe if broken down and left with small elements are numbers. So numbers basically associated with each and every objects of the universe whether it be a living or non-living object.

As  the game of teer is all about numbers, so there is a strong possibility of deriving accurate teer common numbers using Numerology numbers

Following are the types of Numerlogy numbers and their use in calculating teer hit numbers.

a) Life Path Number

It defines what path your life could take. 

It is calculated by adding up the numbers in your full date of birth.

For example, February 5th 1993, would be 2 + 5 = 7. Then the 1993 is broken down as 1 + 9 + 9 + 1 = 20. Now 20 is two digit number so we need to add the two digits of 20 together as 2 + 0 = 2.

This is the same with any double digit numbers which you should keep adding together until you end up with a 1 digit number.

Finally, add the 7 and 2 together for your life path number i.e. 7 + 2 = 9.

Now for a particular day suppose 12-March-2019 we need to find teer common numbers.

We can either multiply our Life  path Number with 12 or we can add life path number with 12. Thus we can get teer hit numbers for a particular day.

b) Expression Number or Destiny Number

Destiny number defines your purpose of life. It describes who you are and what your life is meant for. The expression number or destiny number is calculated by converting your FULL birth name (including any middle names) into numbers using the Pythagorean chart mentioned below.

Pythagorean Chart

This chart matches a letter with a single digit number. Then, the total sum is broken down to a single digit number.

After getting the Expression Number we can either multiply or add it with date of the particular day for calculating  teer target number.

Final Thoughts

Well, so far we have discussed each and every aspects of finding teer common numbers. You are advised to go through every formula in order to get better understanding about the result numbers. Sometimes, these target numbers of teer are also not enough to get correct outcomes. In such cases dream number can be used to predict teer numbers. We have a detail discussion about this in our Teer Dream Number page.