How to Make your Fortune and a Decent Career in Teer Game

Well, before we start let me ask you a question. Do you want to build your career in Teer of Shillong Game ? I am sure that most of you will say YES. Of course , why not ! Teer Khela or Meghalaya Teer Game have been changing lives of many people over the years. There are several genuine ways by which you can build your empire with the help of Teer Games. Again, the game of Teer can not be played outside Meghalaya . Hence , you must be fortunate enough to be a resident of Meghalaya to make a decent income through Teer Games. In this article we will be mainly targeting the People of Meeghalaya and its neighboring parts where teer game is legalized by the government. We will try to share some thoughts on Building a Good Career with the help of this game. So let’s begin and analyze the possible ways to build your career in teer games.

Participate in Shillong Teer Game

Those who want to earn quick money they can buy tickets from nearest teer counter and predict teer numbers twice in a day. At the time of buying tickets you have to choose a result number within a range between 00-99. Well, its kind of difficult thing for a newbie to predict a number in the above mentioned range. For predicting numbers there are a lot of guide and methods available in various online sources. One easy way to predict teer numbers is through teer common number . These are target hit numbers calculated using some mathematical formulas. Along with these hit numbers you can also follow teer dream numbers to predict teer result correctly.

While buying your tickets and predict some numbers you have to put some money with that number and if your prediction is correct then you will get 70-80 times of the amount you put for that number. You can predict more then one number but in result only a single number will come. Thus participating in Shillong Teer game can help you to make a decent income and so as your career.

Become a Teer Ticket Affiliate

Do you have any idea on affiliate income ? If yes then you are good to go or else I will explain in brief. Becoming an affiliate for a particular company means that you are a referrer of the products sold by that company and you will get some commission for that. One can become a teer game affiliate in Meghalaya and can sell Shillong teer game tickets and can get commission from official tere organizers. In teer game language , this means you are a teer agent who can sell tickets on behalf of official teer counters. If you are residing in some remote areas of Meghalaya and there people want to play teer game but they could not afford to buy tickets by coming in towns. For them you can sell teer tickets by contacting official teer association. Thus you can get good amount of commission and eventually you will become rich within a few months.

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