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Welcome to TeerShillong.in. In this site we will update Shillong Teer Result regularly on time. Teer or Tir is a popular ancient game of Meghalaya, the cleanest land of North-East India. Teer is an Archery based game mostly played in Khasi Hills & other nearby parts of Meghalaya. Everyday Shillong teer is played for two rounds and after each round teer counter produces a result number withing a range of 00-99. Generally, teer result news are declared in every evening except Sunday’s and holiday’s.

Shillong Teer Result Today

Today Shillong Teer Result
Date : 19th March 2022
First Round (FR)Second Round (SR)
Shillong teer Result Today
Teer Shillong Result

How to Get Latest Shillong Teer News

The craze of Shillong Teer game is such a high that everyday people rush into online portals for Shillong Teer News and updates. One can easily check teer result and other important teer news anytime through this website. TeerShillong.in is an ultimate place to look for teernews and faster teer results.

Teer of Shillong – History

Now we have a brief idea what is teer game. But as a teer player you must know the history of Teer Shillong Game. Well, along time ago the people of Meghalaya were fond of Archery or Arrow games. In fact , this interest lead to invention of Teer of Shillong. The word Teer means Arrow in English Language. The old people of Meghalaya created a game based upon archery or arrow shooting. With the passing of time they have developed traditional believes about the game and puts money on the game and predict result numbers before shooting of arrows. Thus teer game of Shillong came into picture. In local language of Meghalaya the Shillong teer is also known as Thoh-Tim. 

Shillong Teer Game Play

There are mainly two aspects of Teer Shillong Game. People buy tickets from teer counters and predicts the teer round result numbers before shooting of arrows. Everyday, on the shooting ground a group of archers come for playing teer. There are more than 8 groups or clubs who come to shoot arrows everyday but only 3 groups were selected randomly and they are allowed to hit the target. One group contains approximately 20 archers and for each round around 1000 arrows were allowed to hit the target. The archers sometimes miss the target and sometimes hit the target. On an average 50-60 archers take part in the arrow shooting of Meghalaya teer.

They were assigned a limited time to hit the teer target and after that the Shillong Teer Association representatives stop the shooting of arrows by covering the target. Then Officials of Teer Counter count the total arrows that hit the target and the last two (2) digits of the total count will be declared as the Result number for that round. Everyday two rounds have been played in Teer of Shillong and therefore 2 numbers come as a Shillong Teer Result within the range of 00-99. The ticket buyer who predicts the game will become the winner and gets monetary award 80-90 times more of the amount he/she pays before the game.

Check Shillong Teer Result Today

As you already know Meghalaya Teer or Shillong Teer played for two rounds everyday. The First Round (FR) of Shillong Teer will be updated everyday on 4:15 PM and Second Round (SR) Teer Result will be declared on 5:15 PM.

Deciding Factor of Teer Games

Well, first of all let me tell you a fact that predicting correct teer numbers is not a cup of tea. People spend so much time to analyze old results so that they can find some patterns in teer game. As a beginner most people think that teer results are based on total arrows that hit the target. But believe me this fact is 50 % true as sometimes the numbers are fixed by the counters to fool the ticket buyers. There are some important factors by which the officials of the game decides a a result number for a particular day.

So what are those important component of Shillong teer ?

  1. Common number :- As you may already know that everyday different clubs of archers participate in Arrow shooting. There are some common numbers for every group by which you can predict Shillong Teer Result correctly. All you need to know is which group is participating in arrow shooting for a particular day. Sometimes it involves mathematical calculation to find accurate teer numbers. You can check more about this in our Teer Common Number page.
  2. Dream Number :- Do you believe if we tell that our dream events can be helpful to predict teer result. Yes you heard it right. The Meghalaya people specially the older one’s really believe that teer numbers can be predicted based on last nigh dream. We often see various events in our dreams for eg: sometimes we see playing football, or in some other days we see snake or other animal. According to the Shillong teer experts all dream events are associated with some numbers. There is a separate list of dream events and numbers for this purpose. You can refer to our Teer Dream Number page for detail information.
  3. Teer Previous Results or Historical Results :- The best part of teer game is that the result numbers are repeated from old results. But repetition in basically done by following some patterns. Teer result For a particular date of a month may be same as previous month same date result. All I want to tell you is that as a teer player you must use your brain while predicting the result numbers. You should always keep an eye on old teer results. For old results you must check Shillong Teer Previous result page.