Tips for playing Teer Games , Probability Analysis and role of observation

First of all we are no one to provide teer game playing tips but although we have seen many people who are playing teer games get confused everyday.In this post we will share some tips to play teer games . Well, we all know a fact that teer is all about luck and if you do not have any luck then you will not win. Its a number prediction game based on number probability. The mathematical term probability plays an important role in Shillong teer outcome. The basic problem of probability can be understood from an example. The example is that what is the chance of getting head or tail when we toss a coin ? The answer is 50/50 , right . You never know what is the outcome in this case, but you can predict it. Similar thing is happening while you play a teer game.

So How to predict Teer Result Correctly ? 

This is a common question in teer games. People are so much crazy about the teer outcome and they wanted to predict teer result number correctly. There are many online resources FB Groups, Forums, sites that provides teer result outcome before the game. Sometimes they are true but sometimes not. We are not saying to unfollow them but use your mind and observation power to predict the result by yourself. For that you need to understand the previous teer result patterns and also understand teer common number formula. Probably you can create your own working formula by simply observing Shillong Teer Previous results. 

Although there are many online resources that provides teer number, we are unique among them. In our website we provides Shillong teer common number on daily basis before the game. We are not saying that our target numbers are 100 % working, but most of the cases you will find it useful.

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Important :

Many online resources asked money for providing teer common numbers. Most of them are completely fake and at the end you will loose your money. So beware of such frauds and use your mind and observe previous results to predict teer result correctly.

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