Here we update Shillong teer common number on daily basis. Teer common numbers are calculated using the previous teer results by following some arithmetic calculation. Basically it follows a number prediction formula which is also known as teer common number formula to find out teer making numbers or hit numbers for today.

Shillong Teer common numbers today : 

In this section you can check Meghalaya Teer common numbers for today with house and ending numbers.

Today’s Date : 27/July/2018 

Teer Shillong Common Numbers today
Direct NumbersHouseEnding
30,67,11 11

Teer Common Number Formula : 

The formula for calculating daily teer common number is pretty simple. However , the formula discussed below may not be the actual teer formula for target numbers. But it will give you some ideas to understand the mathematics behind the teer common number calculation.

Now, we will take an example to understand the teer common no formula.

Say , the First Round result of previous day is  : PQ
& the Second Round result of previous day is :  LM

a) Teer Formula to calculate a common number = P+M   and L – Q

In this way you will get  a hit number .

b)  Teer Formula to calculate another common number = M-P & M -Q/P   or   M + Q/P

Thus you will get another hit number.

Common Numbers – Historical Club Results :

Sometimes, the target number is predicated using the historical results of various  Teer Shillong clubs. Many times different club repeat the target numbers or combine the previous results on a specific day to form new target numbers. Hence you must understand few patterns by observing old results.

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