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In this website, we provide Shillong teer Result on daily basis. Teer is an archery based game played in Khasi hills of Meghalaya India. The results of teer is declared everyday in the evening through online. Teer counter remain open throughout the whole day and provides insights of Shillong teer. According to Wikipedia Shillong,  teer is the most favorite game in Meghalaya. 

Shillong teer news [ Flash ]

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Shillong Teer Result Today

In this section we update Teer of Shillong results at regular basis. The result consist of two rounds. The first round [FR] is declared around 3:50 PM in the evening. However, the second round [SR] of Shillong teer  is declared on 4:50 PM. Teer is played from Monday to Saturday in each week.We remain active during this period to provide Shillong teer result online.The main game of Meghalaya teer is not played on Sunday’s and Holiday’s.

Declaration of Shillong teer result List for Today : 01-Sept-2018

Shillong Teer Today Result
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Khanapara Teer Result Today

Khanapara Teer Result Today 01/09/2018
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Juwai Teer Result Today

Juwai Teer Result Today 01/09/2018
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Shillong Teer Game History :

The Teer of Shillong is a traditional game played in Meghalaya, Shillong. This game is completely based on luck and believes. In Meghalaya’s local language the Shillong teer is also known as Thoh-Tim. The word “Teer” means “arrow” in English Language. So basically teer is an archery based game which is most popular across the State of Maghalaya.

How Shillong teer is played ?

The Shillong teer game is consist of 2 rounds. Everyday, various groups of archers come at the shooting ground to play  the game. But only 3 groups are selected . Each group must have twenty archers to be selected to shoot in a limited period of time. For each round around 1000 arrows were allowed to hit the target. Sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss. Total 50-60 archers takes part in arrow shooting. After a limited amount of time the arrow shooting is stopped by the Shillong teer association. Now the total numbers of arrows that hit the target  are counted. If the total target arrow count is 912 then the last two digit will be declared as the teer result for that round. So in the example case the result of the Shillong teer will be 12 for the first round. Accordingly the people who choose the number before the game will be the winner and they have to contact teer counter for their prize. Same process is repeated for the second round also.
The first round [FR] of Shillong teer is played in between 3:30 to 3:50 PM and  the second round [SR] is played in between 4:30 to 4:45 PM. Teer is played everyday in the week except holidays or Sundays.

Teer Result - Shillong Night Teer Target Today

Night Teer Result - Shillong night teer 2 list results

In this section we update Shillong night teer result list everyday night including teer target numbers. According to our teernews, the first round of night teer is declared around 10:45 PM and the second round is declared around 11:30 PM. Please refer to the following table for night teer results today.

Shillong Night Teer Result 01/09/2018
First Round[FR]Second Round [SR]

Significance of Dreams in Teer Games :

You must be wondering about what is the use of dream in Teer Game. Again it is a traditional believe among the people of Meghalaya that our last night dream can help us to win a teer game. We dream everyday , right ? In our dream we often see various events or scenarios. In Shillong, the people choose teer target numbers based on dreams that they had in yesterday night. Looks interesting, isn’t ? As a part of traditional history of the teer game the people set some numbers for different types of dreams. Although teer is a game of luck , there is a strong believe that yesterday’s dream can help to predict the future results of the teer game correctly . Hence, most of the players follows the dream numbers of teer. We will be discussing more about teer dream numbers here. 

Significance of Teer Making Number or target common numbers

Basically, teer results number consists of two digits. The range of Shillong teer result is from 00 to 99 . One can predict the future teer result number using the previous or old teer results. This involves some mathematical calculation provided some teer common number formula. We will be explaining more about teer common numbers & formula here.

Teer Shillong Last 7 days results :

List of Teer of Shillong Clubs :

In this section we listed down the Shillong teer clubs that are linked with official Shillong teer association. There is total of 12 clubs in Shillong teer game.

  1. Laban
  2. Laikor
  3. Jaiaw
  4. Malki
  5. Bedeiplang
  6. Laitumkrah
  7. Senglang
  8. Pynthor
  9. Rangbiria
  10. Wahingdoh
  11. Kathuplang
  12. Mawlai

Teer Shillong Target Number Today & Tomorrow - Essentials

The target teer number to win a Shillong teer game is completely depends on the player’s prediction ability that may enhanced with some past experience with the game. Most of the players choose target numbers based on their believes. They depends on some special lucky numbers to go with in every game and test their luck. The thinking ability varies from person to person. Every single person has his/her own way of thinking. Somebody has strong analytical power to select numbers in such a way that most of the cases his/her assumptions are correct and hence become the teer result winner. In our Meghalaya, people have superstitious views for choosing the teer target number and the dream number prediction also falls in such category.

Teer Previous Results - April 2018 all days teer result

Shillong teer previous /old results - April Month 2018
Date First Round Second Round
09/04/2018Not PlayedNot Played
08/04/2018Not PlayedNot Played